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Oakhaven Acorn Project

A small group of Year Six pupils have had the chance to go to Oakhaven recently, as part of the Acorn Project.

In week one, they met patients and volunteers, began an art project inspired by national parks and heard stories about the adults' favourite memories of their trips to national parks.

In the second week, we continued our art project, had a tour of the grounds and even got to have a look at an inpatient bedroom and bathroom. There is so much specialised equipment and it is so very clear just how hard the staff work to make Oakhaven a sanctuary for their patients. Can you see which brand of tea bags inspired our art work? Did you know this is also a national park?

In our final session, we shared the last of our memory boxes, met Alfie (the therapy dog) and even took part in a Sports Day race. We were amazed to hear that Oakhaven have to fundraise almost 8 million pounds each year to keep running.

We are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful hospice in our local community.

A huge thank you to Jane for looking after us.


Please head to our Facebook page (@hordleprimaryschool) for further images.